Once One Extra Stop Has Been Added, There's No Need To Go Via The Menu To Add More -- You Can Do It All From The Route Planner.

Garages may charge more during surges in demand. Sidewalk claims this system could bring the city $2,000 per participating parking space annually. Helping the city reap revenue from its transportation infrastructure appears to be a core priority for Sidewalk, which is also working on a platform that calculates where cops can give out the most parking tickets. Columbus could rake in another $4 million in fines every year. Skye Gould/Tech Insider Columbus likely charmed judges with its already sophisticated (and surprising) efforts to become a hub in autonomous transportation innovation. The city monitors traffic conditions continuously all throughout the state using sensors and cameras, and has invested some $76 million on a smart traffic system that will enable driverless cars to navigate faster and safer, Tech Insider reported back in April . "We want to be the epicenter," Rory McGuiness, deputy director the department of development for Columbus, told Tech Insider's Danielle Muoio . "We want to be synonymous for intelligent transportation systems in same way that Silicon Valley is for tech." As its Smart City grand prize, the city will receive $50 million from the US Department of Transportation and Paul Allen's Vulcan that can be spent however it wants, making it possible to "become the country's first city to fully integrate innovative technologies - self-driving cars, connected vehicles, and smart sensors - into their transportation network." Columbus and Sidewalk might be swapping data as soon as August, with dynamic parking prices implemented by January 2017, The Guardian reports . One big caveat: the proposals laid out by Sidewalk Labs have yet to be approved by the city.

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Finally, what is the data that defines the decision? In particular, validate the data source to avoid being manipulated by bad data. If you are being shown numbers by a timeshare sales person, maybe it would be good to get relevant data from an unbiased source before making your decision. Applied to gun control, there are far higher priorities (I'd argue a crazy dictator with nuclear weapons might be a slightly higher priority with regard to problems to fix, for instance). As for the problem to solve, the Orlando mass shooting resulted from the lack of a working early warning system -- not the tool used. Finally, what is the data that defines the gun decision? What it showcases is that the proposed gun legislation would have no impact. All of this suggests we are just being manipulated, and personally I'd rather Congress actually focused on things that would get jobs done. Given that the bills didn't pass, they aren't even doing a good job of manipulation.

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Today, Google is rolling out an important new feature to the mobile app -- the ability to configure a route with multiple stop-off points along the way. Getting from A to B is great, but sometimes you need to go via X and Y. Now you can. The new feature makes it much easier to plan multi-part journeys, and also helps you to determine the most efficient route if you dont need to hit destinations in any particular order. To add an extra destination, you just need to hit the menu button and select Add a stop and... you know the rest. Once one extra stop has been added, there's no need to go via the menu to add more -- you can do it all from the route planner. Just like on the desktop version of Google Maps, you can drag and drop destinations to change the order and experiment with routes. But there's more. A less useful, but equally interesting feature sees the addition of geotagged photos to your Google Maps timeline.

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